One component, liquid applied waterproofing membrane.

AQUAPROOF DPM is a polymerbased coating that dries to a flexible waterproofing membrane with high crackbridging properties. CE marked.


AQUAPROOF DPM is a solvent free polymer based coating which is applied by airless, roller or paintbrush and dries to a watertight elastic membrane. AQUAPROOF DPM is used for the waterproofing of surfaces which are not continuously submitted to water contact or water pressure.

AQUAPROOF DPM is fit for use both on horizontal and vertical surfaces for the waterproofing of:
▪ Building foundations
▪ Floors in wet rooms and balconies under cemenbased screeds or tiles

on the following surfaces: concrete, bricks, cement based coatings and plasters, silicate stone, plywood (or other type of woodpanels) for exterior use.

For applications of AQUAPROOF DPM on plaster boards or other plasterbased materials, natural stone, etc. , apply PRIMER 43 first.

AQUAPROOF DPM cannot be applied on surfaces containing bitumen.

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