Temporary surface protection, all surfaces, inside use.

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AMISEAL PSO is based on natural polymers, which is applied  with an airless paintspray machine, and dries to a flexible and removable temporary protection film. This product is mainly used by companies removing asbestos in buildings.

AMISEAL PSO is fit for use inside only and does not contain solvents. AMISEAL PSO is easily removed as a plastic film within 6 months after application and does not leave any residue.

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Peelable surface protection for windows

Spray applied peelable surface protection for windows, inside and outside

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OMNIGUARD 110NP is a waterborn, ready-to-use liquid based on state of the art polymer technology. This liquid is spray applied and quickly dries to a peelable, light-transparent colourless film. This film protects windows and concrete surfaces against damages and pollutions that occur during construction works.

OMNIGUARD 110NP protection film can stay on the protected surface for up to 18 months (windows) and concrete (12 months).

When construction works are finished, the protective film is easily removed and does not leave any residue. Suitable for inside and outside use.

Discover our reference projects: https://omniguard.be/en/realizations

OMNIGUARD 110NP is developed and manufactured by HEVADEX Group.

Productsheet (PDF)

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