Removing soot after fire.

How to remove soot after fire

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Innovative cleaning method: EZY-NET® is a liquid based on natural polymers which is applied with an airless paintspray device or block paint brush, and which dries to a strippable film that adsorbs different kinds of pollutions such as soot and ash, as well as lead dust during the drying.

When the dried film is removed, it leaves a clean surface.

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Project reference: Notre Dame - Paris

EZY-NET was used for the removal of the lead pollutions on the square around the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. The lead pollutions were caused by the burning of the roofing of this  cathedral. Lead pollutions are carcinogenic.


1. EZY-NET was applied with an airless;

2. during drying, EZY-NET absorbed the lead pollutions;

3. a few days later, EZY-NET was removed as a strippable foil.

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