Paint-on airtight membrane and vapour control

BLOWERPROOF® Liquid Brush for application with paintbrush


BLOWERPROOF® Liquid Brush is NSAI certified for the following applications:

  • for the permanent airtightness and vapour control of buildings/building elements by brush applying this product on building connections or walls depending on specifications and design.
  • suitable substrates include concrete, masonry, bricks, blocks, plaster/render, engineered wooden boards, OSB wood, multiply timber, plasterboards, fibre cement boards, calcium silicate boards, tapes, membranes,
    aluminium, spray foam insulation, insulation boards (PUR, PIR, polystyrene, Rockwool®), steel and PVC.

Example realisations:

- UCD Nova Dublin (PURCELL)

- Portrane Hospital

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How to make pipe penetrations and abutments airtight:

blowerproof engels
  • Prior to applying BLOWERPROOF® LIQUID BRUSH at penetrations (e.g. around pipes) and abutments, expanding polyurethane foam shall be applied around the pipe, which should be cut off after hardening, on level with the substrate face.
  • BLOWERPROOF® LIQUID BRUSH shall then applied in two coats, ensuring that the first coat is fully dry before applying the second coat. 
  • Any duct/pipework passing through a fire barrier must be appropriately fire stopped in accordance with the requirements of Section 3.3 of TDG B 2006 and 3.7 of TGD B Vol 2 2017 to the Irish Building Regulations.

(Source: BLOWERPROOF® NSAI cert 23/0437)

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