About Hevadex in Ireland

About Hevadex in Ireland

Our team in Ireland is ready for your project !

BLOWERPROOF IRELAND Ltd is the importer of HEVADEX products in to Ireland. We offer:

  • sale of our coatings including NSAI certified BLOWERPROOF(*)
  • organising quotes for product installation trough our approved applicators

*: use of BLOWERPROOF as radon barrier only for installation for RASCOR

Contact for more information

Phone. 0404 61901 - Mobile. 087 659 0000 - feargal@blowerproof.ie

About Hevadex:

Hevadex bvba was founded in 2009 and today has 26 employees. We develop and manufacture technical coatings for construction:

  • BLOWERPROOF coatings for airtightness, vapour control and radon barrier (NSAI certified)
  • OMNIGUARD spray applied window protection film
  • AQUAPROOF waterproofing coatings
  • SANIPROOF, ETAG certified waterproofing under tiling

We also have a sister company doing applications with Hevadex coatings on jobsites in Belgium; this gives us load of working experience that we share with our customers abroad.


The main factory of HEVADEX is based in Belgium, close to the cities of Ghent and Antwerp (Lokeren). 

ISO 9001:

Our companies are certified by BUREAU VERITAS.

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