Ant-carbonatation coating for concrete EN1504-2

Surface protection and C02 blocking coating for concrete (EN1504-2)



AC100-WB is a ready-to-use coating based on specific pure acrylate polymer dispersions, which is applied with an airless spray device, paint roller or paintbrush and dries to a durable, flexible, watertight, rainproof, weatherproof, UV resistant, airtight and vapour open membrane, with the highest CO2 blocking properties.

• High crack-bridging properties
• Self-crosslinking, self-cleaning
• Re-alkalinizing for carbonated concrete
• Carbonation inhibiting / CO2 blocking
• Minimal water and chloride penetration
• UV resistant
• VOC free
• Breathable, allows moisture to evaporate from the substrate

Compliant with EN 1504-2: Surface protection systems for concrete.

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